Where have all the sheep gone?

Wayleggo (ˌweɪlɛˈɡəʊ), interj, Origin; NZ, away here! let go!; a shepherd’s call to a dog on completion of a task

Maybe its living in the Waikato, but seems that all I see these days are cows. Sheep are in decline, but they have shaped our past and landscape.

Back before dairying found its way into the high country of the South Island; I spent a summer as a rousie in a shearing gang , but weirdly my most enduring memory of sheep-dogs is Sunday TV. I’m sure NZ readers of a certain age will remember the amazing feats on “A Dogs Show”


Replacing the trip springs on the Vandercook SP15

My search for a Vandercook SP15  began roughly one and a half years before locating one, in the deep south of New Zealand.  I’d used one once (during a night course at St Martins in London), but never got to appreciate its intricacies  I’m mechanically-minded but not aware of what to check for, when it came to going over the press I was going to buy.

 As it transpired, there would have been give away signs that the trip springs were broken – ie a lot of inked impression on the cylinder blanket.  Anyhow it was during cleaning once the press arrived that it finally dawned; as the toothbrush knocked the remains of the broken spring out.  Not to worry,though, Fritz at NA graphics soon had my order for new parts as well as a manual.  I had read many articles on Paul Moxon’s Vanderblog concerning the replacement procedure and I was relieved to read read that the springs could be replaced with out the need to remove the cylinder carriage plates. http://vandercookpress.info/vanderblog/?s=replacing+trip+spring

When the parts arrived I made myself a tool (see bottom picture) and set about replacing the springs.