Chip off an old block..

On wet evenings, I like scouring ebay for the odd letterpress bargain. I bought a lot of  advertising blocks, from an old sporting goods shop in Iowa; and they arrived this week. When I proofed them I noticed the golfball block had 1 King  on it.


Strangely my grandfather was a big-time golfer back in the day, called Sam King; I don’t think it would be too much of a stretch to imagine it might be associated with him? This is a  photo of him from the National Portrait Gallery in London (by Bassano), and one of a number of cigarette cards I’ve seen of him- pretty cool, eh?

Sadly this was all before being a golfer, meant big money – so no family fortune. When I told my brother about the block, he requested this print.



Hooksmith (and Daughter?)

I’m not sure about the health and safety rules, regarding four-year olds operating heavy machinery; but thought it was about time to indoctrinate the little one into the religion of printing.

Shes normally a bit of a devil, but actually seemed interested (well for a bit)- and the end result was a bit rough.

Even if its not letterpress, I hope she finds some worthwhile interests as she grows up. Dreading the day when she comes home and asks for a ‘Bratz’ doll or lipgloss.