Hooksmith (and Daughter?)

I’m not sure about the health and safety rules, regarding four-year olds operating heavy machinery; but thought it was about time to indoctrinate the little one into the religion of printing.

Shes normally a bit of a devil, but actually seemed interested (well for a bit)- and the end result was a bit rough.

Even if its not letterpress, I hope she finds some worthwhile interests as she grows up. Dreading the day when she comes home and asks for a ‘Bratz’ doll or lipgloss.


6 thoughts on “Hooksmith (and Daughter?)

  1. Hello Hooksmith, this post resonates with me – I have two daughters (uppercase and lowercase) both of which have printed with me at some point but would still rather play origami puzzles on the Nintendo DS or slouch around saying everything is lame.

    I never realised how frustrating I must have been!

    Nice work, my friend, nice work.

    • Thanks for your comment Lestaret – rest assured, others have already made plans in this direction as my daughter was bought a Nintendo DS at the tender age of 2 and a half – against my will!

      Maybe learning to write normally could be best before learning to compose back to front also?

  2. Hi Hooksmith, Thanks for liking Project 8 Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!
    Your letterpress type looks great, what a amazing machine. I have almost complete Project 15 which is branding for letter press museum, it would be interesting to see your response.

    • Thanks Justine- I’d be really interested to see your work (I’m a bit of a wordpress novice, and can’t work out how to get back on your page!). Where abouts is the museum?

      • Hi, I haven’t uploaded the type museum project yet, I will email you when I do. Being a letterpress person you would probably love the Museum itself check out http://mmop.org.au/
        They have great workshops, the web site is awful but the people are great.

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