mob: +44 7450292792

press: +44 2034175832

All enquires Welcome


5 thoughts on “Contact/Orders

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  2. Kia Ora Bro. About time I risk interweb communication. At the mill of madness at the moment as I type. Sian’s in Cumbria – so hopefully she’ll be down your way before too long.
    Still have got no further with my cups – I had planned to send some over with Sian but next time.
    great to see yr working away

    • Thanks Peter,
      There is a common liking of the ‘Give me Hops’, so might have to definitely include that one!
      Might catch a train to find Sian in Clapham Junction now?
      Or I might weight for a a couple of hours for rush hour to subside?
      Chat soon

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