I’m NFN (Normal for Norfolk)

Great great grand-daddy Platford: ploughman and horse-doctor

Great great grand-daddy Platford: ploughman and horse-doctor

Managed to get up to Norfolk, last week, where apparently a fair few of my genes are from. The pictures of John Platford, an ancestor who worked on the Holkham estate in the north of the county. Its a lovely bit of the world and they have a little museum on the estate, but I felt a bit irked at helping support the aristos (who still live there) by buying their beers and scones.

More my thing was the wonderful Jarrold printing museum, where volunteers staff what was once a huge working press by the river Wensum.


They have an amazing array of letterpress and litho presses; and had the foresight to start the museum up in the 1980’s.

Sadly I only had a couple of days to look around- didn’t even get to see the broads, or even find out if theres any fishing up there. Will definitely be back.


Late night printing.



A productive evening with my daughter; took her to swimming class, got a little tree, and printed my Christmas cards. She’s loving Christmas in London. Now it just needs to snow.


Chip off an old block..

On wet evenings, I like scouring ebay for the odd letterpress bargain. I bought a lot of  advertising blocks, from an old sporting goods shop in Iowa; and they arrived this week. When I proofed them I noticed the golfball block had 1 King  on it.


Strangely my grandfather was a big-time golfer back in the day, called Sam King; I don’t think it would be too much of a stretch to imagine it might be associated with him? This is a  photo of him from the National Portrait Gallery in London (by Bassano), and one of a number of cigarette cards I’ve seen of him- pretty cool, eh?

Sadly this was all before being a golfer, meant big money – so no family fortune. When I told my brother about the block, he requested this print.


Hooksmith (and Daughter?)

I’m not sure about the health and safety rules, regarding four-year olds operating heavy machinery; but thought it was about time to indoctrinate the little one into the religion of printing.

Shes normally a bit of a devil, but actually seemed interested (well for a bit)- and the end result was a bit rough.

Even if its not letterpress, I hope she finds some worthwhile interests as she grows up. Dreading the day when she comes home and asks for a ‘Bratz’ doll or lipgloss.