I’m NFN (Normal for Norfolk)

Great great grand-daddy Platford: ploughman and horse-doctor

Great great grand-daddy Platford: ploughman and horse-doctor

Managed to get up to Norfolk, last week, where apparently a fair few of my genes are from. The pictures of John Platford, an ancestor who worked on the Holkham estate in the north of the county. Its a lovely bit of the world and they have a little museum on the estate, but I felt a bit irked at helping support the aristos (who still live there) by buying their beers and scones.

More my thing was the wonderful Jarrold printing museum, where volunteers staff what was once a huge working press by the river Wensum.


They have an amazing array of letterpress and litho presses; and had the foresight to start the museum up in the 1980’s.

Sadly I only had a couple of days to look around- didn’t even get to see the broads, or even find out if theres any fishing up there. Will definitely be back.


Ink-drying tune..


Musos might get this one.. shave and a haircut riff. Bits (25c) or Bobs, depending on your location..

4/4 Timing


Antipodes Antipodes 2

Walk this way

Here’s one straight from the press; directionally accurate to within 6 Pica when hung vertically anywhere in the world.  No calibration required.

For those who don’t know, the antipodes of where you are, is the exact opposite of where you are – on the other side of the globe (if that makes any sense?).

In New Zealand, however, if you mention the Antipodes, people tend to think of a distant off-shore group of inhospitable volcanic islands to the south of NZ (They lie 860 kilometres to the southeast of Stewart Island/Rakiura). The islands are home to amazing mega herbs and a ground-dwelling parakeet (among an amazing array of flora and fauna).

Interestingly, here in London, we are roughly antipodal to The Antipodes, but the term more frequently refers to both New Zealand and Australia. I quite like being called an antipodean, gives a touch of Ol’ world glamour…

For those interested, this lovely old copper-topped arrow is printed alongside a worn Day and Collins ‘Caxton #6’ wooden font; inked with a shaded 2-colour affect inspired by the colour of the Antipodes Island parakeet (Cyanoramphus unicolor)!

Leytonstone’s monster



Been researching my new home- Leytonstone does have some interesting history. In addition there seem to be a fair few Blair-witch style stories associated with the green spaces around (Epping Forest, Shoulder of Mutton Pond and the like).

On a lighter note, I read this story about an unexplained creature seen at the Hollow Pond a few years ago http://www.mysteriousbritain.co.uk/england/greater-london/cryptozoology/hollow-pond-bear.html

This poster is
a bit pub- meets silent movie inspired. Its printed on paper I recovered from a derelict printshop (Shamrock press) in the Wimbledon area, just before it was demolished. I might stick one in the local pub, and see if it inspires a few more sightings.

I imagine it was a case of mistaken identity (a giant rat? a reintroduced beaver? small child?). I saw my first otter in Wales (in the tailwater of the reservoir that supplies Birmingham), and initially was convinced it was a huge pike- so I believe anythings possible.